CfA. Philosophy before University: Innovative Teaching Practices Across Canada

Symposium at the Annual Congress of the Canadian Philosophical Association, Montreal, June 4-7, 2018

Across Canada, the place of philosophy in education outside universities varies greatly. In Quebec, philosophy is a compulsory subject at CEGEP since 1967. In Ontario, philosophy is offered as elective to a great number of students at grades 11 and 12 since the early 2000s. In all provinces and territories, local initiatives are developed for children and teenagers. For instance, a number of projects have adopted and adapted Lipman-style Philosophy for Children.

This symposium brings together researchers and educators who contribute to the vigor of philosophy in non-university education. We thus seek participants who wish to share their concrete educational projects (current or past).

The primary objective of the symposium is to showcase and discuss innovative practices. It also aims to tighten the network of philosophical innovators, especially by bringing together the francophone and anglophone communities. Participants must thus have, at a minimum, a passive knowledge of French and English.

To submit: Please send the title of your presentation together with a short abstract (150-250 words) to François Claveau <> before November 20 December 15, 2017 (we already have enough proposals to hold a great symposium, but welcome more to make the event even richer).

Co-organizers: Rémi Robert et François Claveau

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