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Other events organised by the Chair

Generic Generalizations: Meaning and Social Practices

The Canada Research Chair in Applied Epistemology is proud to host a workshop on generic generalizations and their social dimension. The worshop will take place on March 16th and 17th at the Université de Sherbrooke (Room A4-166). Presentations will start at 9am and end at 4pm each day. Directions Google maps coordinates HERE.  Keynote Speakers : […] Read more

Other events organised by the Chair

The Division of Ideological Labor

  SPeaker Bernhard Nickel, Harvard University, Department of Philosophy Comment Frédérick Guillaume Dufour, UQAM, Department of Sociology ORGANIZATION The event is organized by the Montréal Philosophy of Science Network, the Canada Research Chair in Applied Epistemology and the Centre de recherche interuniversaire sur la science et la technologie (CIRST). ABSTRACT The concept of ideology poses the […] Read more

Internal seminars of the Chair

Two talks: (1) On generics ann (2) On the Variety of Evidence Thesis

Olivier and Jordan, with François as co-speaker, will test the talks that they will give at two events next week: one in Northern Ireland (Jordan and François) and one in Germany (Olivier and François). Our goal is also to let the other members of the team know some of our latest research developments. Papers will […] Read more